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Calling in Rich website
Kevin's collaboration with David Bosier: CallinginRichSong.com


Kevin Simnacher (lead guitar & backing vocals), Dan Boddicker (lead vocals & keys), Russ Boyer (bass & backing vcals), Steve Anderson (drums & backing vocals)

Other past members include Tim Weidman (bass & rythm guitar), Karie Skogman (lead & backing vocals and rythm guitar), Mitch Smith (sound technician and guest sax player), Micheal Clair (lead guitar), Jeff Winsor (drums)




My first significant band experience. We were just kids then, writing songs with dreams of "making it". Once the younger band members graduated from High School, we were off on the road for six weeks at a time, returning periodically to re-charge our health and get a few good meals for a couple of weeks before going back out for more punishment.

During the band's last couple of years (1981-83) we managed to have played in 13 different states and recorded several of our original tunes as demos.

The band broke up in 1983 when 3 of the members decided to marry and settle down.

A year later, a song I wrote and recorded with Ratler called "You're a Daydream" was entered in the local "Stroh's Talent Search" contest and got "runner-up", getting some local airplay. The top 4 bands' songs were featured on the release of an EP vinyl record as part of the promotion.

Sean Murphy (lead vocals & drums), Jim Wolter (bass), Mark Pence (keys), Amy Wolter (lead vocals), Kevin Simnacher (lead guitar & backing vocals)


I got in the next band as a result of meeting Sean Murphy at Sunnyside Temple Weslyan Church in Waterloo, Iowa. We ended up renting a house together with another single guy who also went there to church. Jim and Amy Wolter had been discussing doing a band with Sean, and when they found out I played guitar, one thing led to another. Beth DeBerg was our first keyboardist. We played at weddings, church youth lock-ins and misc. local activities. The band won first place at a Christian "Battle of the Bands" held in Minneapolis, earning the warmup spot for Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart at the annual Sonshine Festival that year.

After a few more months, Beth decided the band wasn't her thing, so we found an extrememly gifted keyboard player named Mark Pence. I stuck around another 6 months with this configuration, and left just a few months before the band landed a record deal.



Dennis Clubb (keys & lead vocals), Brad Zimmerman (Guitar & lead vocals), Ray Robertson (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, etc.), Zach Nickles (drums), Kevin Simnacher (Lead Guitar), Jeff Langenberg (bass & lead vocals) was absent when photo was taken.




In 1996, I decided it was time again to play music, so I joined Tan Yer Hide, a band that played 50% "New Country" and 50% "Classic Rock" covers with a couple of bandleader Ray Robertson's originals thrown in. It was a sweet deal for me, because we always played in-town with the exception of a couple of times when we went to Kansas City and Anamosa, respectively. Ray owned all the P.A. and lighting and had his own roadie named "Gary" to help set it all up and tear it down. All we had to do is just show up with our own stage gear to set up. I was with TYH until Fall of 1998 when Ray moved to Arizona and the band broke up.



Scott Bekebrede (Bass), Kevin Simnacher (Lead Guitar), Ken Heinzerling (Drums & Lead Vocal)



The year was 2005 (I know... lots of time between bands) and I was itching to play again. I posted an ad at the local "Music-Go-Round" and got a call to audition for then 5-pc "Classic Rock" cover band called "Monkey Business". By September, the band was down to just 3 members.

This was the most financially successful of any band I'd been with, even to this day. We played all cover material, and played many bars within a 7-county radius of Cedar Rapids. We also played at A few private parties, RAGBRAI, Cedar Rapids' BBQ Roundup, The season opener for the Tate Cummins Baseball Complex, The Catalpa Corners Annual Horse Trials, Anamosa's Uptown Friday Nights, plus a couple of charity events. By our third year, we had a schedule of playing out approx. 50 dates a year, thanks to my efforts at promoting and booking the band. In Fall of 2009 I was finally kicked out of the band because I was "holding them back" from playing songs like "Crazy Bitch" by Buck Cherry.

Dave Calhoun (bass & backing vocals), Rick Von Lienen (lead vocals & guitar), Kraig Spratt (drums & vocals), Kevin Simnacher (lead guitar & backing vocals)



I guess I was going through withdrawal from losing my Monkey Business spot and on the rebound, I joined HH. A friend, Josh Molitor was the bass player at that time, and they lost thier guitar player right about the same time that I was looking. One thing led to another and I was "in". Josh left the band about 2 months later, along with drummer Mark Stevens.

One thing I have to say is that this band ROCKED! There was craziness on so many levels though.

We opened shows for the popular CHEESE PIZZA cover band to a sold-out show at "1st Avenue LIVE!" (an audience of 700 people), along with other opening gigs for bands like "Hell Yeah" and "The Last Vegas". We were able to play a total of ten original songs mixed in to our cover material set. Eight of those made it to a CD which was released on April 15 of 2011. That was bassist Dave Calhoun and my last gig with the band. What a great way to finish with a band and have a CD released to show for our time together.


Full Circle Band
D.J. Holvenstot - drums/percussion, Vic Hernandez - vocals/keys/guitar/harmonica, Kenda Hernandez - vocals & percussion, John Hernandez - Bass, Kevin Simnacher - guitar & vocals



Had some fun times playing old 60's psychedelic music, blues, R&B and 70's/80's rock with this group for about a year. But then it was time to move onward, so Kevin bid his Adieu in August of 2015.

Saloonatics band


In December of 2015 Kim Bean invited Kevin to fill the guitarist spot in his band, "Flashback". The guys decided to re-name the band, "Saloonatics" and we played our first gig at the end of January 2016 to a sold-out audience of 2,000 people at the annual Brrr Fest in Coralville, Iowa. What a way to start off… Since then, we have had some personnel changes and currently the band has a powerful lead singer, Nikki Davidson, formerly of Kantirocks. On keys we have Paul Abodeely of the former Beatles tribute band Silver Wings and 80's band Redwing. On drums, Kim Bean, formerly of The Toys, Avalanche, and Night Moves. On Bass we have Barth Walter, formerly of the Cathy Hart Band, 8 Seconds and the Jake McVey Band. On guitar, Kevin Simnacher, formerly of Ratler, Fighter, Tan Yer Hide, Monkey Business, Harvey Headbanger and Full Circle.

Robin Banks

Robin Banks

In April of 2017 Kim Bean, Barth Walter and Kevin Simnacher (all of SaLOONatics) decided to launch a second band with singer Curt Bean on lead vocals. This new group would fill in dates that SaLOONatics wasn't able to play and also give Curt a singing outlet to showcase his talents.

Retro Rockits  

Retro Rockits

Retro Rockits was conceived in early January of 2020 by Drummer Doug Allemang and Guitarist Kevin Simnacher. Bassist Keith Shriver enlisted soon after and Singer Jason Wells joined in June to complete the lineup. Jason played 6 gigs with us before resigning in January 2021. Cole Thomas replaced Jason as our lead vocalist in February, adding his skills on keyboards, Harmonicas and Acoustic Guitar as well.

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