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Why do a solo project?

Well... after being in a few different bands over the years it seemed all we ever got done was trying to play cover material in bars. I usually didn't get to play the cover material I preferred to play, but that's what happens in a band situation. Unless you're the band leader who started the band, or you get a majority vote in a more democratic band, you just won't get to play the stuff you really want to be playing.

After coming off of about 16 months of playing in the Harvey Headbanger band and getting one CD released with only two of my songs on it, I decided maybe that was a good juncture to leave the band and follow my dream of having my own songs recorded the way I wanted to hear them.

Thank God for two old friends from my past who encouraged me to follow through with my dream.
I met with Micheal "Bear" Clair of Nashville Ninja Artist Consulting and Mark Pence of Studio MVP one evening at Mark's recording studio where they gave me thier approval that the timing was never more perfect for me to take on this endeavor.

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